Thursday, June 18, 2015

The view

Do you remember the view (actually lack of) that we had from the kitchen window over the winter?  The snow drift made it very difficult to see anything.

Trail and Arthur

Since the snow has melted, the view has improved.

Bill and Trail were focused on something.

Even Arthur wanted a closer look.

What was so interesting outside the kitchen window?

These critters.

Yes, that is our view from the kitchen window.  They aren't our cows and horses (behind the fence) but we all enjoy watching them.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Female or a chick?

I have been trying to convince Brook that she is a female not a chick.  She got it into her head that she could be a chick.  No, not a supermodel type chick, this type of chick:

When the "girls" arrived, I also brought in a 50 pound of chick starter feed which I left on the back step to transfer into buckets.  Dogs won't eat chick feed.  Right?  Wrong!  Sorry, no pictures but Brook dragged the bag down the steps, ripped a hole in it and started eating.  Why?  Who knows.

So, I've been telling Brook that she is a female not a chick!  it really isn't working.  There is something in the feed that all the dogs like the taste of.  The spilled food on the grass attracted all of them until it was finally gone.  

Now the food is safely in buckets, the chicks are in their brooder in the barn and the barn cats only glance at them.  A few months from now we'll be having fresh eggs.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting warm

Summer is just around the corner, at least according to the calendar. The weather here hasn't been too bad, a few warm days and then a few cool ones.  But, at least it has been warm enough for it to be an ice cube day!


On another note, we are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for our girl Molly because she has a family interested in her.  


As I have said previously, it isn't that we don't want Molly, she isn't what we want.  She is healthy, can see and can hear.  She is highly adoptable.  There hasn't been any big adoption push, just if the right home comes along.  We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, June 04, 2015


With a pack of dogs, there are always various beds and cozy spots to sleep.  One of the favourite spots is the large orthopedic dog bed.  Unfortunately, this bed has been chewed on the one corner.  Still a cozy spot though.  For the sleep that only the innocent can achieve.

Trail truly is innocent.  It was actually Callie that (literally) ripped into the bed one day when she was upset with noises from outside.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend Fun

Even though the weekend is almost here again, we want to tell you about last weekend.  Finally the days are staying consistently warmer and there has been sunshine and melting snow. A perfect time to get out and wander the wilderness.

Callie was pleased to wander to the end of the forested area and across the snow.

Then, of course she had to roll in the remaining snow.

(not the most flattering picture of Callie)

After Callie's wander, it was time to take some others out.  Brook wasn't able to go because she wasn't feeling well. The previous day she pushed open a door, knocked over the pail of barn cat kibbles and ate and ate and ate before I got downstairs from the shower. She was extremely bloated and therefore was on crate rest. 

Initially, the plan was to take only Bill and blind Hiker together but deaf Trail insisted that he come along and not wait for later, so off we went.

Trail is using three leashes attached together but Hiker, as usual is off leash.

The landscape is so blah right now. It'll be nice to see some green and wildflowers soon.

Trail, Bill and Hiker

A happy trio in the wilderness.  Once again it made think, as I often do, how lucky we are to have so many acres of land to wander.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Callie's leg

Callie has been having some issues with her left rear leg for a while.  During her recent annual check-up she was declared in good health except for her knee which has some fluid on it. Our veterinarian said it is likely a cruciate tear. Callie had the same type of problem on the other leg a couple of years ago just before we made our big move east.  

After talking it over with our vet, we've decided to try Callie on a daily dose of Metacam and see how she responds. Happily, she is responding very well and is no longer limping.  Due to her personality, Callie is not a good candidate for surgery. Well, actually, it is more that she is not a good candidate for the requirements of the recovery.  The physical therapy that would need to be done to her leg would not be tolerated since Callie is not one who enjoys being touched very much.  A simple pat or a brief belly rub and that is about all she wants.

So, she will likely remain on the Metacam long term and be able to resume her playing and wandering in the wilderness. Not to worry, the playing is low key...after all Callie is getting older. She is somewhere between nine and ten years old but shows almost no signs of slowing down.