Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nine Days Later

Our recent post, Critter Watch, showed the amount of snow we had.  The critter watch has been continuing and nine days after those pictures were taken, here is the view:

A nice change from this:

There has been a major snow melt (and some flooding) in recent days.  As many of you know, that means mud. Luckily for us, the yard is fairly dry and the dogs aren't having to have the often dreaded bath.

As for Bill, this is what he was keeping an eye on at the barn door:

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Critter Watch

Our weather is finally getting better and the snow is melting at last.  Since the weather is improving we're able to get outside more and play.  While outside yesterday, the pack was suddenly barking and sounding very excited.  With five dogs outside in the yard, I knew something had their attention.

Yes, there they are, on the left side of the snow.  Two pigeons.  

Based on the frantic barking, you woulda thought we were being invaded or something.  Then they moved to the other side.

Trail was outside but didn't really care about pigeons.  Once they flew away, something else showed up.

One of the four feral barn cats put in an appearance.

So glad that we have the critter watch team here!

In case you are wondering, yes, they could jump that fence since there is so much snow.  Molly has done that twice but didn't really go anywhere.  She went up on the snowbanks and wandered around for a few minutes but came back when called.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


With the recent storms and winds, we had a big snowdrift against the window. Of course it was the window that is most popular for looking out.

The drift measured 16.5 inches high from the bottom of the window.

It was very difficult to see outside, even for Trail.

The past few days, the weather has been a a bit warmer and as a result there is a slow melt taking place and soon the drift against the window will be gone and the view restored.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Snowed in AGAIN!

We're still here and doing fine. Just been snowed in AGAIN.  Over the past six weeks, we have been snowed in four times.  Not in a oh the weather is too bad, lets stay home way. A real snowed in. No plows on the roads and then when the weather did improve enough for the plows, they were dealing with snowdrifts being reported as high as 18 feet on the roads.

The main difficulty we had was keeping the back doorway cleared so that the dogs could get out. Of course the sighted ones were able to jump over the snow to get into the yard but the blind girls refused to go out because they bumped into the snow that had blown against the door. With winds of 80-100km/hr (50-62miles/hr) it was an ongoing challenge to keep the steps cleared. 

Brook seemed to have the right idea. She surrendered.

I give up!
Well, no, actually she has been enjoying the snow this winter and having a good time rolling around in it. Once again, I need to remind myself that she cannot see and is not copying Callie.

They are the only two that do that.  Bill and Molly are enjoying eating the snow.  

Hiker just sat and looked cute.

Things are getting back to normal and before we know it, the snow will all be melted and it will be summer! (we hope)

Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday Mischief

Once in a while, the dogs get into things that they shouldn't.  

When I returned from the barn, I saw this

It is/was a pencil. Never did find the eraser end.

Later, Hiker was in her crate and Molly went over and stuck her head in. Hiker was not happy about that and she growled. Now, Hiker is, as you likely know, the most laid-back one of the pack.  I assumed that she had a Nylabone in there. Not common for her to be chewing a Nylabone but what else would she have?

Well, it wasn't a Nylabone.

That is the plastic bottle that I use to take the warm milk to the barn cats. Yes, warm milk. Its cold out there and if the milk starts out warm, there is a good chance they will drink it before it freezes.  I'm not sure how Hiker got the bottle but she was not giving it up. It took a very stern "drop it" for her to let it go.  

Look at these two. Hard to believe they would chew things they shouldn't.