Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Did you know that a red plum and a blue chuck-it ball look very similar?

Well, at least to a chuck-it ball obsessed dog named Trail they look very similar.

"Are you eating my ball?!"
Not to worry, we "found" his ball and all was okay. Although for a few minutes, he was quite concerned.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Confederation Trail

In addition to the many wonderful beaches, we also have the Confederation Trail to explore. The trail is over 400 km long and goes from tip to tip of the island. There are many access points and the other day, Brook and Trail decided to check out a section.

In case you are wondering, yes it was a bit of chaos getting a 55 pound deaf dog (Trail) and a 32 pound blind and partly deaf dog (Brook) to calmly walk. Just getting out of our vehicle and to the trail was a challenge.  

Once there, the two of them had differing opinions as to which way we should go.

It took a minute but they got themselves sorted out and off we went.

This was the first leash walk the two of them have been on together and they did really well. Trail tends to be very calm on leash walks and I wondered if Brook's enthusiasm would rub off on him. Nope, he stayed calm and seemed to calm her a little.

The section of trail we explored on this day wasn't overly scenic (Brook didn't care) but it was a nice walk with lots for the dogs to sniff.  There was one scenic spot so I had them sit for a picture.

That is a little mischievous look on Brook's face...immediately following that picture, I took this one...

"Where are you going Brook?"

Saturday, July 26, 2014


There are many beaches here and I have been asking for opinions as to which ones are best for dogs. We have many to choose from and will do our best to visit them all. 

Since Callie doesn't always play well with others, we headed out around supper time in the hopes that most people would be gone. They were.

The white specks are seagulls. Other than them, we had the beach to ourselves.  Callie thought that even they were too much and decided they should leave.

Interesting to note that she only chased the one seagull. There were other things to check out such as jellyfish.

"Never saw these in Lake Erie!"

We tried for the lighthouse photo but as usual, Callie was not too impressed. She doesn't like to pose for a picture.

No amount of pleading would get her to look at the camera. At least she doesn't have her ears flattened to her head like she usually does for posed photos.

It would have been nice to stay for the sunset but the person behind the camera was getting tired so we headed home with one final photo as Callie wandered in the water.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The blues

I took this picture the other day of the three blues.

Brook, Bill and Trail

Then I noticed that they are standing in order - small, medium and large.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The ball

Trail is still obsessed with the blue chuck-it ball. He carries it around, puts it in my lap for me to throw and also will put in a drawer that is open, in shoes and in boxes. He seems to enjoy the challenge of getting it out of unusual spots.

"Is my ball in there?"

Once Trail confirmed that his ball was in there, he had Bill come along and check it out.

"Yes Trail, your ball is in there."

During Trail's attempts to get his ball out of the carton of cans of root beer, he accidentally (?) punctured a can.

No harm done, in his opinion.  If you look closely, you can see his tongue slurping up some of the root beer.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New water dish

The pack is all excited because we got a new outdoor water dish.  A really big one.

"What the heck is this thing?"
Trail wasn't too sure about it.  As he did when visiting the ocean for the first time, he seemed to be thinking, "we never had things like this in Indiana."

Once he realized that there was water in it, he seemed to figure it out.

"Oh, a water dish."

Brook just thought of it as another obstacle for a poor little blind and partly deaf dog to have to navigate around.

At least one of the pack knows what the purpose of this water dish pool is.